Anna Mastin is well seasoned in her performance and training in jazz, classical, pop, music theory, arranging and composition having studied and performed music intensely since the age of nine.


In 2007, while concurrently earning a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance from The University of Toronto, Anna dove headfirst into a full-time career in the music industry. Her first job was as the studio manager at celebrity vocal coach Elaine Overholt's Big Voice Studios and after a couple years, Anna also became an in-house voice teacher. Anna will be forever grateful for Elaine's mentorship and guidance in those early years of her career.

Anna then shifted her focus to voice teaching exclusively. Her passion: helping singers find and keep their unique style and voice while training healthy technique that will give them the stamina and strength to hold through arduous touring schedules, recordings and performances. 

Because of her unique method and approach, Anna has established the reputation of being a top vocal coach in Toronto to prepare pro-singers for touring and recording, and other major career milestones such as American Idol, Over The Rainbow (CBC) and The Launch (CTV), earning acceptance and scholarships to top post-secondary music schools such as University of Toronto, Humber College, University of Western Ontario, Sheridan College, Berklee College of Music (Boston), The New School (NYC), and more...

Once she had established herself in coaching, Anna then stepped up to being a faculty member at Metalworks Institute, an extension of renowned Metalworks Studios, host to some of the world's best recording artists and producers. Anna taught there for five years, instructing private and group classes in voice, sight reading, theory and composition in their demanding Music, Performance and Technology program.

To this day, Anna also enjoys teaching new singers and budding talent as a Voice Teacher and Songwriting Coach at her private studios in Toronto and Cobourg and is also currently a part-time voice instructor at the internationally renowned Trinity College School in Port Hope. 


In May 2020, in the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic, Anna's father passed away at the age of 75. With no ability to hold a proper service or mourn his passing in the traditional way, Anna found that the best way for her to manage and focus her grief was by writing music and lyrics. Song after song flowed out like a tap that wouldn't turn off and it hasn't stopped since. In the midst of great loss, Anna was blessed with a new passion and eagerness to pursue songwriting to its full extent. 

Anna now finds herself writing and co-writing extensively with emerging and established artists throughout North America, in many genres, with ease, using her piano skills and deep musical knowledge to compliment her thoughtful and honest approach to lyrics.  

Out of 2020, an uncertain, but fruitful time, came the song "Little Things" written and performed by Anna, produced by the wonderful Kate Linné Malone in Nashville. "Little Things" is about finding love and joy in the ordinary, everyday moments. The small wonders of your life, that have no real significance, are easy to miss, but where you find peace and contentment. 

Listen to Little Things